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Miss Currant New Zealand

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    Miss Currant 38 Antioxidants Supercharged Blackcurrant Powder - The King of Berries, A Fountain of Youth

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    Winter Immunity Booster with 51 Nutrients Containing High Levels of Vitamin C

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    A Superior Level of Anthocyanins Contribute to the Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral and Anti-ageing Benefits

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    100% Natural Whole Blackcurrant (*Not an Extract*)

    World Leading Freeze-Drying Technology - the easiest way to absorb the real nutrition.

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    Proudly Harvested In the World's Top Growing Region - Canterbury

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    Why Miss Currant?

    Why Miss Currant?

    Natural combination of 51 Nutrients:
    38 antioxidants, 7 minerals, 5 vitamins,
    and cGP - A key nutrient for brain health.

    A superior level of Anthocyanins contribute to the anti-inflammatory,
    anti-viral and anti-ageing benefits.

    A high level of Vitamin C
    3.3 times higher than Orange,
    2.2 times higher than kiwifruit

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