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The inspiration for Miss Currant:

Forged in crisp frost, fearless in the face of wind and rain. 

Miss Currant is a quiet achiever. A small fruit with incredible energy. While other fruits bloom throughout the year, the blackcurrant fruits only once, during New Zealand's summer, transforming the landscape overnight with its colourful flowers and then with its beautiful deep purple berries.

Unlike other fruit that cowers in the cold, the blackcurrant comes to life in the face of adversity, requiring at least 800 hours of cold temperatures to ensure the finest fruit.

Miss Currant embraces the spirit of the blackcurrant – young and energetic with a tenacious vitality. She brings together youth and elegance with a passion for renewal and rejuvenation, both inside and out.

Miss Currant's purpose:

  • Miss Currant is an enthusiastic leader of New Zealand blackcurrants; 

  • Miss Currant showcases nature's extraordinary gift for the benefit of mankind; 

  • Miss Currant is passionate about introducing more people to the superior nutritional benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants; 

  • Miss Currant provides people with a rich source of antioxidants to support them in their pursuit of health and youth. 

Miss Currant's mission: 

  • Miss Currant collaborates with leading researchers to explore the rich antioxidant content of blackcurrants and their medicinal value. 

  • Miss Currant is committed to maximizing the nutritional content of its blackcurrant products through its zero additives principle. 

  • Miss Currant explores creative ways to develop innovative new blackcurrant products. 

  • Miss Currant supports people to achieve health and youthfulness through a natural health diet.