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Everyone is talking about Miss Currant!

Let's listen to what the influencers are saying...

"Miss Currant taking care of all your antioxidant needs! Not to mention it tastes DELICIOUS!"

"Loving Cute Miss Currant"

"There's on better time than now to improve your health and rejuvenate your mind +body from within with Miss Currant."

"Great way to get more antioxidants & vitamin C into your diet!"

“Your product is lovely! Tastes amazing. Really flavourful and vibrant! I have been enjoying taking it so far”

Our customers are giving Miss Currant 5 star reviews

"I love a Blackcurrant drink especially hot on a winters evening. What I don’t like is all the added sugar and this is where Miss Currant is perfect. I also add it into plain Greek yoghurt and it makes a delicious dessert. Love Miss Currant!!"
Kylie H.
“I’m used to having tea and coffee as a hot drink so trying Miss Currant was a pleasant alternative, and a healthy option after recovering from winter ills” Denise P.

"Miss currant added to my morning smoothie really, truly gives me so much more energy and clarity throughout the day! I'm hooked :)"
Tracey W.
"My daughter loves it sprinkled on pancakes, added to smoothies or with yoghurt. We all LOVE it and it’s so easy to incorporate into everyday foods."
Chris M.
Delicious and nutritious, happily impressed with a good quality high grade product. Really good as a warm drink and the detoxification benefits of Blackcurrant will make this the ‘GO TO’ for post-surgery and pharmaceutical medicine. Love the fact that it is individually packaged to take on the go and on travels” 
Toni- Hands to heal.

"Ideal for people who may have digestive problems, mix with a plain or vanilla bean yoghurt for a delightful experience."
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